Monday, April 11, 2011

Babies Babies Babies!!!

A few weeks ago we headed up to Frisco for a baby shower for Stacey & Jacob. We had a great time catching up with all of our friends and of course watching the two of them open all sorts of fun baby stuff . It's always entertaining because there are always gifts that the couple does not expect or really doesn't know that they will need them. I actually went with Stacey to register and she was shocked when I showed her a handsfree pumping bra that I recommended - it was so funny!  It was also entertaining with Jacob's commentary such as "Ah, nipples - Stacey's favorite". (referring to bottle parts. lol :) Fun times! I can't wait for their little one to arrive - it's going to be so much fun having another little baby added to our group!

Scott & their new little baby girl Reese with Ryan & Kevin

Super cute preggo Stacey & Jacob

Sneaking in Kevin and Ryan

Quick pic with Stacey

We recently got together for our monthly COT luncheon.  COT = circle of trust, which was a name we came up working long hours together on the Travelocity account at Click Here. The name stuck and so now that none of us work there anymore we try and get together for lunch once a month. One of the girls recently had her second baby so I got to meet her for the first time! So much fun!

Jackie with new baby Grace with Susanne & Ryan

Our little group!

A couple shots of sweet little Grace! So cute!

Lastly we had a super fun get together with my playgroup girls! One of the mommies hosted a dinner and we all brought our husbands! It was so fun to meet everyone's significant other and put a face to the name. It was the most perfect weather and we had such an amazing time. The hosts cooked brisket and sausage and everyone else just brought a side. We sat out back on blankets and had so much fun with our little ones. I only snapped a few pictures and wish I would have taken more! Here is what I got...

Sweet little Henry

Ryan playing with daddy

Madelyn getting ready to crawl

Ryan & Madelyn


Been having such a wonderful time this Spring. I have always been a Summer girl but I am thinking it's going to be difficult with the crazy heat and a baby. We will be hanging out at the pool a lot!

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