Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dear Ryan (9 months)

Happy NINE months little bug!  It is so strange to think that you have now spent as much time outside my belly as you did inside. I feel like the past 18 months have really flown by!!

The BIGGEST news is that you are crawling! Yay! I have been trying to upload video of this monumental milestone but I am having problems. You pushed yourself backwards for about two weeks and then three days before you turned 9 months it just clicked. You are so happy now!

Over the past month we have been going to occupational therapy twice a week and you are doing so well. It's so hard for us to tell if it's the therapy that is helping or just that you are getting older and stronger and would have progressed this far at this rate anyways. Oh well, you really enjoy playing with Sandy and it gives you a change of environment. She does push you to try new things so it's always nice to have something new to work on.

You have pulled yourself up a couple of times but the first time you did it you fell backwards and onto the wood floor and that did not make you happy. Having Bob around really peaks your interest. You are always trying to follow him and play with him - even when he clearly does not want to play. His growls don't scare you! I think he will be the reason you learn to pull up - he is usually on the couch and you crawl over there and get stumped. Pretty soon you will pull yourself up and get a little closer - watch out Bob!

You are eating a mix of baby food and table food. For breakfast you usually have apples with cinnamon and oatmeal or peaches and bananas with oatmeal - those are your favorites. We tried egg yolks and you thought they were ok.  For lunch and dinner I try to give you what we are eating, but if that doesn't work out then I give you some baby food (stage 3). You LOVE chicken...well you basically love anything I give you now. I guess babies don't really get picky until around 2 or so. However, whenever I give you something new to try you usually make a disgusted face when I put it in your mouth - but then you eat it and want more.

What else is going on:
You have two (almost 3) teeth (Your top left is so close to poking through)
9 month clothes or 6-12 months
Size 3 diapers
You nurse 5 times and take an 8 ounce bottle of formula at night
You had your first non family babysitter this past month and did so well
You went to the nursery at church for the 1st time and did really great
You still take a paci randomly throughout the day and for nap time but never need it at night
You take three naps a day (around 9am, 1pm and 5pm) and they typically last 1.5-2hrs
Bedtime is still 9pm

Playing tug-o-war with Bob

Happy man!

And you are not so happy here! So versatile for your photo session...lol

Love you!

You LOVE tails....watch out Bob!

I love that you give kisses now! They are full on open mouth kisses but they are the best! You even give me hugs - I have been waiting for this and I love it so much. These past nine months have been amazing and we love you so much. Ready for the next one!

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  1. So cute!!! Ready for the next one??? Month or kid???


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