Thursday, March 24, 2011

Love my neighbors

Kevin and I will have lived in this house for three years this coming April - three years! I can't believe it. For the first two years we basically didn't know anyone in the area but since I have become a stay at home mom with Ryan we have met so many wonderful neighbors - one family in particular (The May's) live two doors down! They have a two year old son and a 8.5 month old girl (just two weeks before the R man!) maybe they will grow up and fall in love one Anyhow, Mica and I actually didn't even meet face to face until Square One (which she told me about over email). Since then we have hung out and now that the weather has turned so nice we are seeing a lot more of each other....quick texts to meet up when one of us is going for a walk or playing outside - so fun!

Recently Mica blogged about Down Syndrome Awareness Day (which was 3.21) and I thought her post was really incredible. Her two year old son, Jackson, has down syndrome and I wanted to share her post with everyone so that we could all become more aware.

The May Nest

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