Sunday, March 20, 2011

Jen & Marc

We had such a fun weekend with Jennifer and Marc! On Friday evening Jen & Marc drove in from Houston to stay with us for the weekend. I think the last time they were here for a visit was almost a year ago for our gender reveal party. They didn't get in until late Friday evening but we were able to have some wine on the back porch and catch up like old times - so much fun!

It was another beautiful day on Saturday so we knew we wanted to do something outside. Ryan also really enjoys being outside with this weather. We headed up to Top Golf to play a couple rounds. It was super crowded but worth the wait. Ryan had a great time too - he watched everyone swinging at the golf balls and would flinch at the sound when the ball made contact with the club. (He often does this flinching when he gets surprised and it's super cute.) He played on the ground with some toys and after playing he was exhausted and he took a little nap.

Ryan and Auntie J Bird

For dinner we went down to the Bishop Arts district and ate at Tillman's Roadhouse - so yummy! We stuffed ourselves but it was so worth it! We thought we were going to go out after but we were all so exhausted so we headed back home to relieve Grandma & Grandpa of their babysitting duties.

And table side S'mores for desert! YUM!

This morning we woke up and had coffee out on the front porch then Jen & Marc had to get on the road. We had such a fun time with them and are so glad Jen was able to take a Saturday off to come and visit! We still have all day left so we are thinking we might head to get some hanging plants for the front porch. We also have plans to get bob a chain/rope so we can tie him up when we go on the front porch. He is such a wild dog running off and chasing everything. Tonight we have dinner with the family! Such a great weekend!

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