Monday, March 14, 2011

Home sweet home

Last week was pretty hectic for us. We got back from our trip last Sunday and we have been on the go ever since. The main reason was because we were having our house painted. The whole process is a little more stressful that one might think - well the most stressful part is selecting the paint color! I think that is my least favorite thing EVER! We thought we wanted a blueish color for our house but weren't 100% so we got a few others to sample as well. After painting seven different color samples up on the house we decided on Storm Cloud - yay, a decision! After the siding was painted we realized we still had to make a decision on a brown (for the porch and brackets). After some more back and forth we went with Kaffe, which we both think looks great. We are super happy with the new colors! It's like a whole new house! I think they still have a little bit of work to do but I am posting pics anyways!

Here are some before pictures of our house:

This was taken in February 2008 when we were house hunting and I fell in love with this house!

Things are a little more green here so I think its spring time!

And here is what it looks like now:

Now we need to hit up a nursery for some hanging plants and flowers!


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