Monday, October 24, 2016

The Weekend FIVE - 10.21

1. No More Training Wheels
That's right. No more training wheels.  Kevin took Ryan's training wheels off and we spent some time trying to teach him how to ride a bike. Annnnnnd we are gonna need more practice. No worries, Ryan is excited to learn but just needs to get more comfortable!
Based on this we decided to go ahead and take Grayson's training wheels off too. It's never too early to start practicing. :)

2. Stonewall Carnival
Saturday afternoon we had to divide and conquer. Kevin took Grayson and Ryan to Grayson's soccer game and then they headed up to the school carnival while I waited at home with Hayden so she could get a little nap in. Luckily she was pretty tired and went down early! At 2:30 I woke her up and we headed to meet the crew at the carnival. Kevin was working the Hamster Ball from 2-3pm and then I worked the drinks and candy  booth from 3-4. 
Kevin took the boys on the pirate ship ride and said that when the ride first started going Grayson looked like he might be sick, but they relaxed a little bit and by the end they were actually enjoying it. The kids played games, shot silly string, saw friends and had a blast. Wish I would have gotten more pictures!

Hayden loves the playground at SJE - and she is a monkey!

3. Sunday Brunch
Sunday  morning we headed to church and then brunch at the club. The weather was perfect so we sat outside. The kids were well behaved and only one of them had to be distracted with an electronic device #winning

4. Pictures with Chelle Cates
Later that evening we had our Holiday photo shoot with our favorite photographer Chelle Cates. She has done all of our pictures since Ryan was TWO! Can't believe it's been that long!
Here comes crazy!

A few shots from my phone...

Happy with candy in her mouth

Daddy and his littles. 

5. Shake Shack
After pictures we decided to hit up Shake Shack - neither of us had ever been! The best part was that it wasn't crowded! Despite it's uptown location there were quite a few families there - the large lawn area is perfect for them to run around! We tried the burger and the chicken sandwich - both amazing. BUT the burger wins. Maybe my all time favorite burger ever. Yeah. I said it. We even got some milkshakes after! The kids gave two thumbs up!

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