Sunday, October 30, 2016

6th Annual Pumpkin Carving

Last night we had friends over for our annual pumpkin carving party!

Tate was adorable as Mickey Mouse!

Audrey got right to work...

The boys were excited to carve their pumpkins too! (although Grayson's face clearly doesn't express that...)
Apparently Kevin hates carving pumpkins. For some reason I forget this every year until we are actually doing it...

Deciding what to carve...

Ryan with his Star Wars themed pumpkin. I have no idea which character it is.

Susanne and sweet Caroline. 

Caleb and Bob eating dinner. Caleb loved Bob and I think he also thought he was funny looking. I am pretty sure he had no idea Bob was actually a dog. Caleb didn't even care when Bob bit him. Although Bob is missing more than half of his teeth, his growl is still pretty scary! It was probably incredibly infuriating that Caleb wasn't scared! lol. What a tough little man!

Love me some cookie cake!

And Susanne brought Mix and Match Mamas funfetti bunt cake! Yum!

We had so much food and of course lots of yummy BOOze :)

Clothing became optional....

Carmel apple bar success!

This little nugget stealing toppings!

Baby Hayden! lol

Caleb being shy...

Lighting of the pumpkins...

So proud of all their work! 

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