Sunday, October 9, 2016

State Fair of Texas

We decided to hit up the fair on the Sunday of TX/OU weekend thinking that it wouldn't be very crowded since everyone was there the day before....but we were wrong. We hit some traffic trying to get a parking spot and were slightly discouraged. Luckily we stuck with the plan and although it was crowded outside the gates it really wasn't horrible inside. The only place that had crazy long lines were the coupon redemption trailers. Isn't that ironic? I actually bought tickets and coupons online so that we could avoid any long lines....and the coupon booths were line free but the place to redeem the $50 worth of coupons that I bought online were ridiculous. #fairfail Anyhow, we chalked it up for a loss and carried on.

We played some games. Ryan won (with a little help from his mama) a prize and he picked out a Paw Patrol dog and gave it to his brother. So sweet!

We found the KidWay and rode a few rides. Hayden was all about going on this ride by herself but when it started she wasn't sure how she felt. Each time she went by she had a different facial expression - alternating between joyful and horror. She clung to me after the ride was over. I think she feared I would try and put her on another one. #Oops. 

Ryan was proud to ride the motorcycle ride all by himself. 

Being silly - won't let me take her picture!

She decided that the flying elephant ride would be ok if I went with her. She was one happy little girl!

Grayson picked one ride and he would only do it if Ryan joined him....he loved it!
He had a huge grin every time he came around - so cute! 

We did a little walking around and checked out the animals. Pigs were my favorite. Always are. 

Of course we had a Fletcher's Corny Dog!
Clearly they weren't overly enthusiastic about them. I'm not sure why they look so unimpressed. 

And then we headed to see Big Tex
Our plan was to walk back down the Midway and play a few more games - Ryan really wanted to win a Robot stuffed animal. When we finally found a booth that had a Robot to win we realized we didn't have enough game credits. Ugh. Now the lines were longer and it was going to be at least $20 to load it up - so we convinced Ryan that it wasn't worth it. He took it surprisingly well. But I am sure we will be after it next year. In other news we accidentally lost Gigi and spent a good 40 minutes trying to figure out what happened to her. Mary didn't realize that she was "lost" for a while but when she did she reported herself to the missing kids area where she borrowed a phone to call us. Oopsies! We finally found her and everyone was ready to get home and rest. 

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