Friday, October 28, 2016

Lakewood Halloween Bash

The kids and I got there right at 5pm so we could get a decent table. Since Kevin was tied up in a meeting it was just me and the little three. Last year we sat outside which was great, but it was kinda hot this year so we opted for a table inside next to the dance floor. 
Since we were right on the dance floor it was great entertainment for them.  Plus they could run and play and I could actually see them. Always great when you can relax while watching the crazy happen. 

 And since they sprinkle candy on the tables as decoration, thats what my kids had for an appetizer. 
Hayden and her snickers. 

I snuck away and grabbed dinner for them. Luckily they were all still sitting there when I returned. 

She was all over this chair. I am actually surprised it never fell over. 

Picture with the kiddos!

They started the night off with a hula hoop contest and Hayden was thrilled. She definitely gets an 'E' for effort. Maybe next year she can win :)
She loved the hula hoops and the dance floor. She was on it all night long! 

Every time she ran off...she ran to the dance floor. She was all over the group dances. 

After the costume contest we headed outside to the cookie decorating and haunted maze. 

Ryan and Grayson were much more particular about their decorating. 

A tad bit topping heavy...

The haunted maze was Wizard of Oz themed this year and Grayson wanted NOTHING to do with it. He wouldn't even go near the entrance. Sweet boy. The other two went though - Ryan was pretty proud of himself. 

After all the sugar these kids were wired! We let them run around for a while before heading back home. 

When we got home we had been "BOOed"! Ryan was so excited to see all the goodies that his friends Knox, Townes and Tipp had left for him! 

Sharing with Grayson & Hayden. And off to bed!

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