Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Baby Book Shower

 Little baby Park is scheduled to join us in September and we are all super excited to meet him! To help his mommy prepare for his arrival we hosted a story-book themed shower. It is safe to say that baby Park's library is complete!

There were eight of us hosting this shower - once we agreed on a theme the whole thing kind of fell into place. It's so much fun planning a shower with a group - everyone has their "thing" they like to do and luckily we don't overlap too much! It works out perfect for me because I would much rather focus on decorations/games than worry about food.
I really love the way this table turned out! Such a cute little shower theme!
Here is a close up of the book mobiles that Shannon made - and she swears they were easy to do. They looked awesome!

And she also made these book wreaths with the leftover book scraps. So crafty! I wish I would have gotten better pictures of them. 

The invitation was ordered off of Tiny Prints

Shannon also made the book garland and the flower arrangements! 

In case it wasn't obvious - all of our food coordinated with a children's book.  Get ready for an obscene amount of food.

Yummy cheese plate from Central Market 

Lauren created a yummy breakfast taco bar! My boys love Dragons Love Tacos and wanted to make sure that we weren't serving any spicy salsa. I assured them it was mild and that we weren't expecting any dragons. 


Zoe's chicken kabobs!

Yummy almond cupcakes made by Aunt Haley - she ordered the toppers from Little Hope Cakes on Etsy. Aren't the adorable?

Trader Joe's cookie bark in some of Ryan and Grayson's construction trucks for the win! 

And of course there was a mimosa bar...can't forget the bubbly!
And apparently we were all so taken with the food and decor we didn't really take any pictures of people! oops! Here are a few I snapped. 

Shannon, Lindsey & Nat

Katie, Lauren & Darlene

Heather with her sweet baby girl Avery and Kellie

And a couple from Lindsey's mom. She also took pictures of Lindsey opening gifts but Ms Lindsey didn't send me any of those...
Lindsey & LJ

And just in case you didn't get enough food we sent everyone home with an adorable cookie made by (waiting details from Courtney) in Frisco. 

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