Sunday, August 16, 2015

12 months - Hayden

So I kinda missed Hayden's 11 month post...oopsies! Here are a few pics from 11 months (well 11.5months)

And then she turned ONE! It's crazy to know that we are done with the 'baby' stage. It makes me sad but I am also excited to move forward on to the next stages with all of these crazy kiddos. My heart is full.

Baby girl - 12 months

Favorite Foods: Little lady is still a fan of most foods...hopefully it will stay that way but I won't hold my breath. She tends to like things at room temperature - like blueberries. She loves them but one morning I gave them to her (from the fridge) and she kept putting them in her mouth, squishing them and then spitting them out. It took me a little bit but finally realized she only likes room temperature blueberries?1? Speaking of that...I tried to warm some up by popping them in the microwave and they started sparking! WTH...I was a little scared so I don't want to try it again but really? Has anyone else ever experienced that? 
She loves ice cream but apparently isn't a huge fan of cake. She wasn't huge into her smash cake. 

Words:  Ba....when she sees a Ball or Bob she starts saying "ba ba ba ba" so I think she knows but she just can't quite get the whole thing out.  She has also said da da and ma ma. I think she knows what they mean but isn't uber consistent with them.

Favorite Activities: Walking/pushing a walker. And it doesn't have to be a "true" walker. She will push anything that will move...laundry basket, chair, side out. She does love her new baby stroller walker and is so proud when she gets it going good. She is also pretty talented at navigating and getting it unstuck from corners ect...big girl!

She loves music class (just like her brothers did) and I can't wait to start her in Little Gym this fall. I have no doubt she will love burning some energy there! 

Favorite Things: Ball popper and now all of her baby dolls! She also still really loved balls. She will chase a ball around for a good 15 minutes and be truly entertained. 
Least Favorite Things: Staying still for a diaper change. Ugh. It's a battle every time. seriously. This and putting her PJs on are my least favorite things to do with her. It is like wrestling a snake...that screams.

And since I already threw that out there as one of my least favorite things I will say I also don't love bringing this one to the pool or splash park or really anywhere where she crawls around on the ground and puts crap in her mouth (when I am without kevin). Seriously...taking all three kids to the pool is no joke. The boys are fine but this little one takes some serious energy. If she's not headed head first into the pool, she is scrounging around on the ground looking for anything to put in her mouth...or walking along the chaise lounges until she finds an unattended cup with a straw to sip out of. Good times :) The splash park just grosses me out because there is so much nastiness on the ground and she loves to stick her fingers in the drain area and scoop things out. yuck. no more splash park for this little one. 

Signature Moves: Her dancing. She will bust a move anywhere and even on command. It's pretty great. She typically shakes her hips but every once in a while she gives us a shimmy...and its amazing. 
She is so close to walking and I really thought she might grace us with her first steps on her actual birthday...but that was just a dream. As soon as she realizes that she is on her own she quickly squats down and goes into a crawl.

She loves her brothers and is so happy when they are around. Since she is so much more mobile they aren't always as trilled with her presence. Especially when she wants what they have.  Typically this is if they are on an ipad. She usually wiggles herself right over and starts poking the screen or in some instances will yank the whole thing away from them. She plays to win. 
I swear one of her favorite times of the day is bedtime...she LOVES bath time and really LOVES running around naked after bath time. It is like 15 minutes of naked crazies running, giggling and goofing around. When bedtime books come out she wants ohsobadly to be interested but she usually crawls around and all over everyone or on top of the book...grabbing at pages...just can't stop playing quite yet. She looks at the boys like...come on, someone play with me! I'm not ready for bed!

Little Hayden is so much fun and such a perfect addition to our sweet little family. I love watching her grown and learn. Love our sweet little girl so much!

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