Monday, May 18, 2015


My little brother got married y'all!
We had such an amazing time celebrating the happy couple. The wedding was beautiful - kinda makes me want to do it all over again! 

 Check out these cuties!
Totally ready for their big performance.  The wedding coordinator told me to go sit and I totally should have stayed to help out. Our babysitter basically ended up carrying Hayden down the aisle...until I ran out and rescued her. Oops! I am sure she wasn't planning on actually being IN the wedding.  Apparently when they sat Hayden down in the wagon Grayson accidentally grabbed her too aggressively and maybe hit her in the eye?? (not sure on the details as this is told to me by Ryan). Anyhow, the wedding coordinator picked her up quickly and gave her to the she just started walking (completely unsure of what to do). Once I saw what was happening I ran to her rescue. And then my three cuties performed their duties.

So excited to be in the wedding!
And this precious little flower girl
Look how giddy Claire is :) I love a blushing bride.
 The ceremony was beautiful - so happy for these two!
Hanging with the Birds & Aston's after the ceremony

Baby Davis wanted a ride too!
Goofing off with Daddy
My little bug!


Our big happy family

Onward to the reception
There were so many amazing details (that I clearly did not get pictures of) so I can't wait to see all the pictures from the photographer.

Stealing some time with the bride and groom

My Yaya & Papu with T

Ryan hanging out with Nick and Vanessa ...stole Steven's chair

Party time :)
Although Ryan was a little tired. After the boys tore up the dance floor we headed back to the hotel...really wish we could have stayed the whole time but hopefully I can catch everything I missed on their wedding video!

Cheers to the happy couple! 
Welcome to the family Claire (Bear)!

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