Sunday, February 1, 2015

February Goals

Hello February!
Isn't she a doll? I can't get enough of her :)

Before I jump into February goals I wanna do a review of January...

Organize Kitchen --it happened! For the most part. I didn't take before pics but here are some after:
This set of cabinets has had a bit of an identity crisis. It previously housed plates, bottles, random party platters and even had some arts/crafts. It was a modpodge of stuff and the contents of the cabinet changed depending on who emptied the dishwasher. So...I needed to get this fixed. And I did. Whew.

I love using the pan organizer for my baking dishes. It's so much easier to grab them now and I don't have to unstack all of them to get a size that I need. 

One of my least favorite things about the baby stage is all the baby supplies in the kitchen...bottles & pumping gear. So much clutter! I am not a fan of seeing all the little parts all over the kitchen or on a drying rack so I immediately cleared a drawer out so I could hide everything.  I love it. I basically dump everything in here and shut the drawer. 
I have always kept the kids cups/bowls/plates in a drawer but they were all basically thrown in one. It made it a pain in the butt every time I opened it to find what I needed so these clear bins have made me oh so happy. 
I also did some work on the's probably the 5th or so time I have tackled it, but I think this one will stick. I still need to work on a better organization for my pots/pans/lids as well as our cup area so hope to get that done soon. 

Three trips down to the passport office and we have successfully submitted everything for these kiddos to get passports! I have all three back...
Yup - let's take another look at that last one....

We are happily getting back into our Sunday morning routine. Hayden attended church with us one Sunday while the boys went to Sunday school. The next weekend Kevin and I taught Ryan's class and had a great time with all of the kiddos. We also saw a bunch of friends that we never realized also attended the same church - I guess that's one of the downfalls of a big church. Anyhow, baby steps on getting more involved. 

Beachbody -- I completed the 21 day Fix program and am very happy with my results. I lost a total of 6lbs and 8 inches. All of my clothes fit again and I feel comfortable in them - yay! I plan to continue using the work out videos and the eating guidelines because I feel so much healthier. I'll probably do a post dedicated to this program with more details soon!

So happy with my January goals and success so I am going to is what's in store for February!

February is short and are my goals :) 

1. Behavior & Chore Charts
Wow - I feel like both of my boys are testing me lately. There is so much hitting/fighting/crying going on that I feel like it's a big joke...on me. Ryan is the sweetest little boy but for some reason he thinks its ok to hit/bite/push Grayson. And lately Grayson has been getting in trouble at school. Almost every day he is sent to time out. Sometimes its for hitting, or throwing toys, 'misbehaving', not listening...and today, for standing on his chair during lunch. Oye, this kid is testing everyone. Anyhow, I am going to attempt Behavior Charts and see how they work. Good Luck to me!

Rewards - we have gone back and forth on this. Why should we reward for chores/behavior? Isn't that just part of being in the family? However, on the other hand it is also an opportunity to teach the kids about managing money. In the end we have decided to reward with money. If they want a new toy - they will buy it. We are done buying toys, unless it is for a holiday/birthday.

I created these charts for the boys based on these charts I found on Pinterest.

2. Organize and Backup all digital pictures
I bought a back up hard drive over a year ago and have yet to back anything up. I know I would be devastated if something happened to my computer so I need to buckle down and get this done. That and I have basically run out of space on my computer so it would help to get some files off of here!

3. Order (and create) Grayson's Two Year Book
Yeah...five months late. Good thing he doesn't know...

4. Organize - Username/Password masterlist.
This is another thing that has been on my radar for a while and I just need to do.

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