Friday, November 14, 2014

Hayden - Three Months

Love this little lady!

Three Months. Ninety-one consecutive middle-of-the night of feedings, 183+ hours of nursing (That's like a week of full time nursing), 660 diapers changed, multiple unintentional smiles, countless real smiles and endless snuggles...the 'fourth' trimester is technically over.  I am constantly changing my mind on what my favorite stage is because I have been enjoying the little newborn stage so much! I love nursing and snuggles and late night mommy and me time. I know it will be over so fast so I am trying to soak it all up. Of course there are those nights when its definitely hard to drag myself out of bed but then again it's all worth it.

She really is a great baby. Basically eats, plays and sleeps. Oh and poops. We are in a routine...but not so much a set schedule. I know a schedule will eventually happen but I think she is still too young.  We typically wake up around 5 or 6am and head downstairs for nursing. I am able to watch the morning news and have a cup of coffee uninterrupted...which I am loving. After she is done eating we play for a little bit then she is ready for a nap. Hard life. lol.

Once she is down and the boys have breakfast in front of them I sit down to pump for about 10 minutes (usually get around 4oz total). She typically naps for about 45minutes before she wakes up and is ready to eat again. Depending on the day I will have to feed her around 8:30 so that we can head out the door in time to get the boys to school at 9am. (which means we can leave at about 8:57 if we aren't walking). Once the boys are in school we typically run errands, however every other week we do have playgroup. Yup - little lady already has a group of buddies at three months. I am sure she will appreciate it more when she actually can sit up and see everyone.

She has been taking a long nap mid-day...which coincides with Grayson's nap. It would be OhSoAwesome if Ryan still napped....but this is real life. Anyhow, the evernings are the fussiest times...which I think is pretty standard. I nurse her for the last time around 7pm, pump again at 9pm then head to bed. Kevin hangs out with her (she is usually sleeping) and then Kevin gives her a bottle around 10pm. She typically sleeps until about 3am or 4am. It's awesome for me...but sometimes she doesn't really want to go back to sleep.

Little tidbits:
- 0-3 month clothes getting tight. It's mainly the length but we have started to notice she is getting some chubbiness.
- Eyes - still blue. Wondering if they will stay....
- She started 'talking' this month
- Loves to smile
- Enjoys her swing and bouncer
- Still swaddling at night/naptime
- Since she still naps a lot I have her in the swing
- Loves being in baby bjorn

Can't get enough of her!

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