Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Halloween Playgroup Party

Round II - Ryan's playgroup Halloween party!

Since this was more kid-focused I changed a few things up ...
For instance, I made the carmel apples ahead of time...that way we didn't have to deal with hot carmel...and that whole mess thing. 

Ghost bananas
Food table...first stop for these boys!
Adorable little Brooks!

Brooks & Ford

Dorthy & the wicked witch

It's kinda crazy that almost everyone in our playgroup is on baby #3! Such a fun group of littles and mommies!


Had to take the costumes off to eat...and cause it was so darn hot! 

I am not sure how much he actually ate...

And a little pumpkin decorating! The kiddos has a blast and are excited for trick-or-treating tomorrow!

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