Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Halloween Fever

Does that even exist? I think so :) Or maybe it's just fall fever in general....when I was younger summer was my favorite season. NowI would have to go with fall and spring...guess I can't handle the heat as well as I use to! Anyhow, I love fall for the cooler weather (ahem...still waiting), football (the social aspect of it), and Halloween! I also love the smell of fall - anyone else know what I am talking about? Anyhow...back to Halloween. A couple of weeks ago Ryan was talking about Monty (University of Montana Mascot) and he decided that he wanted to be him for Halloween. I thought this was super cute  so I started looking for a bear costume. I figured we'd find a bear costume and then find a University of Montana shirt and headband and voila! - somewhat unique and cute. haha
I found this one at PBK online and thought it would be perfect - but then realized that it only came in baby sizes! ugh
I did a little searching online and decided maybe we should just run up to party city and see what they have. So we did. At some point in the process Ryan decided he wanted to be a puppy dog. Why? Well because Audrey is going to be a cat (hello Crystal Diamond...the name she chose when her and Ryan played cat & dog in Montana) so naturally he would need to be the dog. Well, both puppy costumes were sold out. Can't say I was too sad...not a huge fan of Party City costumes (yeah, why did we go there?). So moving on. 
In the same shopping trip I also wanted to find something cute that they (R&G) could be together. I thought Batman and Robin would be perfect. I grabbed a Batman costume - thought it would also be fun to just have at the house for dress up. Of course as we were checking out he insisted that he would rather be superman. I didn't feel like going back and changing it out so I am currently working on showing him how cool Batman is. 
I thought etsy would be a good place to find some cute superhero costumes - and it is. I found this adorable baby robin costume by SedonaStyle and think G bug would be adorable in it! I am normally against onsies over the age of one, but I would make an exception in this case. She also makes Batman in larger there are my Batman and Robin costumes.  

The last thing I grabbed was a clown wig and some accessories - I remember my parents dressed my brother up as a clown when we were little and it was ADORABLE! 
Yup - here we are! I love homemade costumes (although i a huge offender of this as I tend to buy from the store every year...I need to learn to sew!) Anyhow, my mom made all of our costumes! And yes, I was a bum - none of that fairy princess stuff for me. This was actually one of my favorite costumes!
 I think Grayson would be a ridiculously adorable I am working on that. Well, Ryan got wind of his costume and he is obsessed with it. He loves to wear the wig and the nose - which is cool because if he wears it then I am thinking Grayson will want to as well. 
Once again, the hard part is finding the costume part. Etsy has some adorable girl clown costumes but boys are a bit trickier. I want something cute but not cheesy...and some clown costumes are just plain cheesy. 
Ok, so there you have it. Ryan will be either Monty, Batman, a puppy, or a clown and Grayson will be Robin, a clown or maybe one of Ryan's old costumes. Oh dear. I need to make some decisions!!!

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