Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dear Grayson (12 months)

Goodness, here we are again. I feel like the first six months felt like, well, felt like SIX months....but then the last six months passed in lightning speed (and I know that won't stop anytime soon...)

It is amazing and so much fun to watch you grow and develop your own little personality. It really is crazy how different you not only look, but also act from your brother - I know, you are each your own little people, but it's so hard for me not to compare.

You have ALOT of energy. You are my little mover and shaker, busy busy, climber active boy! You love being thrown up in the air and squeal with delight. It's adorable. You also love being swung upside-down...and you will throw your head back so that I will dip you. Being upside-down is something you totally dig.

You crawl amazingly fast. I always thought you would be walking by your first birthday but since you have perfected your crawl you aren't as interested in walking. You get where you need to be and fast.

You always want something in your hand...or your mouth. Now when I ask what's in your mouth you open it up and show me...you are so use to me grabbing whatever it is out. 

Here you are bear-crwaling...not a huge fan of the grass! I agree though - it's a bit itchy!

wt: 21lbs 12oz (30%)
ht: 31in (85%)
hc: 46.4cm (45%)

Yes, 85% - it's a first! I mean, it's not a huge surprise since both Kevin and I are on the tall side but we have never seen a stat above the 50% - wohoo! lol. I know...they don't really mean anything but hey, I like to get them.

Daily Routine:
- Rise and shine around 7:30am - you wake up pretty hungry so we make our way down to the kitchen pretty fast to get your breakfast. Usually sausage and pancakes...yum yum. After you eat yours you often try and steal some of Ryan's sausage.
- Around 8:30 we usually go on a walk to the park. We don't stay too long because your first nap is around 9:30. Your nap typically lasts for about 1.5-2hrs.
- When you wake we play and then it's usually time for lunch. You don't skip a meal. :)
- Your second nap is around 2:30
- Dinner time is 6pm
- Bath at 7pm and bed by 8pm.

*I did stop nursing you on my birthday (about a week before your turned one). I slowly weaned you throughout the month of August so by then you were completely fine with it. You were actually so much more interested in real food at this point that it wasn't really an issue at all. 

- No new teeth
- Waving
- Clapping
- You have stood by yourself but once you realize you are doing it you quickly bend down.
- Words: Mom, Bob, More
- Point - you love to point at things.

Love you bunches little man!!!
xoxo, mommy

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  1. what a precious little guy! I agree w/ you .. they look nothing alike and sounds like they're pretty different from one another. That's exactly like Mia and Cate. Cute pictures


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