Wednesday, June 5, 2013


So we moved in Tuesday, May 21st and have been LOVING it! The boxes are unpacked and most items have been put away but there is still so much work to be done. With that being said I have no desire to rush and get it all done ASAP. Maybe it's because I chase two kids around all day or because I just spent the last 8 months making selections for the house, but for now we are enjoying being here so much that it's nice to sit back and take a break...

We are so thrilled with everything ... so far we haven't regretted any of our decisions/selections, which is a good thing. We still have workers coming and going but it really hasn't been an issue. We are just glad to be moved in. 

The Sunday after we moved in I was already itching to have some friends and family come over. We ended up having a little pot luck party with some family and friends. 
Cousin Audrey, Grayson, Ryan, Dominic, Blake and Cousin Lyla. 

The next weekend we had Rob & the Pearson's stay with us. Since they were in town from Austin (and don't make too many trips up here) we decided to host a little get together with Kevin's high school gang. 

But before Saturday night we headed out to Plano for Jack and Rhone's birthday party
Grayson was very confused by this it a baby???

Jack and Ryan running off together. Ryan had fun at the Pirate party and loved going on the treasure hunt through the woods!

And then that evening everyone headed down to Dallas to see the new casa. I didn't really that many pictures so here is what I got. 
Some of the guys hanging out back

Jack and Ryan played nonstop

They were really cute together

And the ladies! 
There were so many babies over which was so fun..although I am a little worried about our 4th of July trip! It's going to be chaos!

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