Wednesday, June 12, 2013

9 months

Happy nine months to my little man! It's been a busy month for you - officially started crawling and also got three new teeth! Wowzers! Not to mention our big move!

You are kinda ridiculously handsome and I'm kinda obsessed with you. Today I was able to comb your hair over...but it didn't stay for long. That cowlick is some serious stuff. 

You are really loving the new house and crawl everywhere. (You started crawling at about 8.5 months! Basically a couple days before we moved into the new house.) We don't have a baby gate on our stairs yet but that will need to happen pretty quickly. You often try and climb up the three stairs that go from the dining room into the kitchen/grand room area. Gotta keep our eyes on you at all times! And with this crawling you sure are getting your hands on everything...and it's all going right into your mouth. I keep finding all sorts of things in your mouth that don't belong. It's scary and I do my best to keep stuff up off the floor but you seem to find everything.

Constantly on the move

Oh looking at me?

Your favorite stairs

Teething like crazy. Top right incisor came in May 19 and your top two front teeth are basically almost through. Maybe not officially but they are pretty close! Either way you have been teething all month...
Check out those chompers!

Eating everything...basically anything and everything (as long as it's not a choking hazard). At your nine month appointment the doctor said you can have anything now with the exception of honey. So that means peanut butter, eggs and any other food that before was typically not recommended until the age of one.  Apparently since the recommendation of waiting until one to try these things, allergies towards them have increased.  So now they are saying if your child has been exposed to these things go ahead and give them if they want them.

You get so angry if there is food around and no one is giving you any. When daddy eats his cereal in the morning you stare him down until he gives you some. You want ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. It's crazy. I am not use to it.

What else did we do this month?
- Went on vacation to the beach
- You got sick for the first time with a 103 fever
- We went to dermatologist for your eczema and got you some perception lotion which seems to help.

- You love riding on toys - like the little red push car and the thomas the train.
- Bath time with daddy
- Any toy that your brother is playing with
- Ball pit
- Blowing rasberries
- Your orange & yellow paci (still have it!)
- Peek-a-boo

Not so much:
- Changing clothes
- Being left alone (Not that I leave you alone in the house but if I set you down and run to the bathroom or grab something from another room you aren't a huge fan - you really like to be held a lot)
- The car seat - sometimes you are fine but sometimes you are so angry!
This might be my favorite pic! You are so happy!

Been such a fun month! Love you bunches!

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