Monday, June 10, 2013

Vandy - Sneak Peak

So I keep getting requests to post pictures of the new house, so I will. The only reason I haven't posted anything yet is, well, because I haven't really taken any. I lie. I actually did sneak over here the night before we moved in but the lighting wasn't great, plus there was still a bit of work to do. Anyhow once we moved in it was a mess. Of which of course I did not want to take pictures of. Now it's clean, but just so unfinished. PLUS I have run out of space on my computer and can't download any more pics. I need a quick trip to the genius bar...and I am not sure when that will happen. Excuses excuses...So make a long story short (or not) I do have some pics...but they aren't great.

The entrance:
This picture is taken standing at the front door right as you walk in. Looking straight ahead you can see all the way into the backyard and if you look to the right you see the stairs.

This is one of the first spots I need to decorate! I have a few ideas but it is a tricky little spot so if you have any thoughts please send them my way!

And this is a pic standing on the stairs looking down at the entry way.

The dining room is the first room you walk past as you make your way to the kitchen and great room. From the dining room you look out into the courtyard (which was not landscaped in this pic)

Next up is the kitchen/great room. 

Standing in the kitchen looking at the living room. 

The living room also has a view of the courtyard.

This is the vanity in the guest bath downstairs - there is also a shower but obviously not pictured here.
That's all I have of the downstairs - obviously missing a few areas including the office/craft room, butlers pantry, courtyard, back porch and yard. 

On to the upstairs
This is standing in the game room looking over to the stairs/entry. 

This is the view from the front of the house looking to the back (upstairs). On the right side there are three bedrooms and on the left side there are windows that open to the courtyard. In the very back it is the entrance to the master suite. 
View of master bedroom from entrance. I am obsessed with the view.... when you lay in bed and look out it feels like you are in a tree house!

This is looking the other direction. We have windows that open to the court yard. We really love all the windows and how open the house is. 

And lastly I have a picture of the master bath...we were missing the shower walls at this point...and the mirror but you can't tell in this picture. I love my chandelier! 

So there is a little sneak peak. Trust me there will be many more pictures as I go through and finish each will probably take a little while though!

And I also have Grayson's 9 month post ready to go...just waiting on snapping a few pictures of the little monster!

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