Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Miss Audrey

We love living so close to the Hales. And Ryan LOVES living so close to Audrey. He is so taken with her right now...every day he wants to play with her. When he wakes up in the morning he asks "Where's Audrey?"

We picked up Audrey one morning on our way to the park and Ryan went down the big slide with her. This is pretty big because Ryan NEVER goes down slides...but he did it with her.

One morning he woke up and out of the blue told me "I miss Audrey".

When we were making Kevin's father's day cake I asked Ryan what he wanted to write on it, he said "Audrey". I explained that it was a cake for daddy, so thankfully he changed his mind.

When we drive or walk by the Hales house he refers to it as Audrey's house.

Uncle Michael is "Audrey's Michael"

He thinks his top bunk bed is Audrey's bed and he tells everyone.

With all this love he has for her he also knows how to push her buttons. Last time we watched Audrey I let Ryan skip his nap so they could watch a movie together. They finally decided on Ratatouille, which I am pretty sure Ryan is pretty indifferent on. However, once he discovered that she didn't like it/was scared by it he decided he LOVED it. Now when she comes over she says I don't want to watch that rat movie...and Ryan says let's watch Ratatouille...over and over. Then they argue about it! So silly!

They truly act like brother and sister...which I think is a good thing for him. I am so happy they are so close and love that they will grow up together.

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