Thursday, December 20, 2012

'Tis the Season

So I am getting a wee bit behind and decided that I would just do one big post with all the fun activities we have been up to we go!
This was back on November 30th (aka the last day of creepy mustaches). We had dinner at Mi Cocina and then walked over to the Lakewood Tree Lighting ceremony.  It wasn't anything too exciting but they did give us these light up santa hats that Ryan loved, so that was a plus :)

Kindermusik Christmas Party...Grayson really loved music class too so I think we will start going in the the Spring.

Ryan playing with the "snow" 

The (junior) Curcios hosted a toy drive/pot luck Christmas party on December 9th. 

She had an adorable kids table set up! Ryan had a great time decorating the Christmas tree and also discovered a love for smartees

Audrey LOVES Grayson. She always wants to hold him or touch him...whatever she can do. So sweet! Of course, when someone else gives Grayson attention then Ryan all of the sudden has major interest. So silly!
On December 10th we headed to Mi Cocina to celebrate Lyla turning 7!
Thursday December 13th we had a book exchange holiday party at playgroup. It was a lot of fun for the kiddos and the food was adorable! 

On Friday December 14th we headed to North Park with Ford & Charlie (and their moms) to check out the trains!
Fair Park at the North Park Trains!

Ryan was a fan - he loves watching the trains go by...of course he tried to touch them!

Watching with Mickey...

And then he took Fords hand and they walked out...good thing we saw them because they didn't really look or wait for us. Boys. 

These three guys might be trouble one day!

Sitting patiently waiting for lunch - couldn't believe it! Must have been hungry! After lunch we checked out the puppet show and they loved it as well! Such a fun little morning with friends. 

Next up - Andy's Mickey Mouse 3rd birthday party!
Colin playing with Ryan in the foam pit (which he actually loved!) Daddy and Grayson watching.

A little tummy time at the gym

Most of the kids actually listened. Ryan wasn't really one of them. 

And the adults got to have a little fun ourselves...

Being on the trampoline really makes you want to bust out your cheerleading jumps but I knew if I tried anything I would probably pull a muscle so I did this...I think its the jump from the doublemint gum commercials...or something. lol. 

After Kevin heckled me long enough I went for a back flip...

The party was adorable and full of yummy sweets! I am pretty sure we might be having a Mickey Party this year (if Ryan's obsession continues) so I will be stealing all of Nat's ideas!

Ryan's cupcake eating technique

The result.

Adorable bags given as party favors!!! So much fun!

Last up are a couple of pictures from Ryan's school Christmas party he had yesterday ...but I haven't gotten them off my phone yet...

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