Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sausage party

I am talking about our annual white elephant gift exchange party with the Bottermans, Curcios and McDonoughs/Hales. That's right - we all refer to this annual party as the sausage party...I don't know why but it just kinda stuck. It's called the sausage party because we eat eat bratwust and other German food - the food is delish and the gift exchange is always entertaining.

The newest party goers chatting it up...

Ryan and Grayson modeling their reindeer shirts!

Hanging out with Ethan

Kris & Bryan

Kevin and Mary

 Terry & Mary with their grand babies!

Kicking off the gift exchange...

Ryan with Uncle Bryan

Kevin unwrapped a cashmere scarf...which I was pretty excited about...until it got stolen!

It seemed that everything that Kris Botterman opened - got stolen! Poor Kris! But that's how the game goes....I ended up with soap & lotion from William Sonoma (which I stole from Kris) and Kevin took home some sort of tool. There is a $20 limit on gifts and some of the hot items this year included:
- Throw from Targets new home line (can't think of the name)
- White pashmina
- Barrel of Beer (popular with the guys)

Eating cookies. Ryan was using his gingerbread man as a "chip" (or better yet a spoon) and dipped it into the frosting...and just licked the frosting off and went back for more. Sugar high!

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