Monday, December 3, 2012

Dear Grayson (three months)

I swear you are such a HAPPY baby but every time I bust out the camera you get so serious!

Dear Grayson,

You are my little chunky monkey! You have leg rolls...and I love them! You are fat and happy...well for the most part. This past month has been a bit of a surprise for went from being a good sleeping not so much...You have us on our toes and we can't seem to figure you out!  I think you are just letting us know that you are your own person and that you want to do things your way :)
 So serious

This was the closest that I got to a smile

You are an incredibly happy baby...we get some serious smiles!

 Still trying to figure out your "schedule". I was feeding more on demand but I have decided that wasn't working for us because I don't think it was doing any favors during the night. We are following the eating every three hour routine we did with Ryan - eat, play sleep and you seem pretty happy with that. Happy baby, happy mommy. 

Evenings are a little rough because you are a bit cranky and you are only happy if you are getting dinner ready is a bit of a challenge. I typically nurse you for the last time at 6:30. Then we head upstairs for your bath, baby massage and night time bottle. About half way through the month you started refusing this last bottle. This caused mommy some major stress...we could not figure out why you would take a bottle any other time but refused it right before bed. Not only did you refuse it but you were ANGRY! We tried everything but every night it was a HUGE battle and we would just end up putting you to bed with maybe just an ounce in you. Then we realized that you were probably not that hungry since you had just nursed an hour before and that you were probably just tired. So I dropped the 6:30 nursing and started giving you a bottle of milk instead...much happier. Too bad we didn't figure this out until the end of the month. I wish that fixed all of our "issues" but we are still working on the best routine for you.

Over the past month you have totally regressed on your sleeping and we cannot figure out what is going on. We moved you into your crib at 10 weeks and I wish I could say we were all sleeping better but it is actually much worse.  You do your largest chunk of sleep from about 8-12 (only four hours! ugh)...then the rest of the morning you are up to nurse every two hours. You don't go back down in the crib easily so this basically means that by the time I get you down you sleep for about 45 minutes before you are up again. It makes for some very long nights...

Some nights you also seem to be in pain. We don't really know what the issue is but you will wake up SCREAMING...not like an I'm hungry an 'I am in pain scream'. It seems to be a gas/acid reflux issue and we are still working through it. Hopefully we will get it all figured out soon!

Even though you keep me up all night when I see your cute little smiling face it makes everything so much better!

What have we been up to this past month:
- Trip to Houston
- First Thanksgiving
- You met Claire (Uncle Steve's girlfriend) for the first time
- First Turkey Trot
-You rolled over from tummy to back (only twice so I don't think I can count it as mastered)

Other items to note:
- You spit up after every feeding, sometimes a while after but it doesn't really seem to bother you (except perhaps at night)
- You still have beautiful blue eyes and I think they might stay that way...guess we will see!
- You are wearing size 2 diapers
- You are wearing size 3 - 6 month clothes
- We went to the doctor (to talk about your "sleep" issues) and you weigh 13lbs

- You really dig the bouncer these days
- You stil aren't sure what you think of the swaddle. Some nights you are fine with it and some nights you absolutely hate it. 
- You like to sleep on your side

I kinda just want to snack on these little toes! So adorable!

Here's to hoping (and wishing and praying) we get something figured out next month!

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