Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Therapy update

Yesterday we had our second visit to the occupational therapist (Sandy) and it went well. She said that she could already see improvement during tummy time, which was great. Kevin and I had noticed that he was able to tolerate being on his tummy longer too so I guess we are making some progress.  Sandy said that his case was mild-moderate and there wasn't really a set time to tell us on how long it would take to fix.  Sometimes is takes a few months and sometimes she wants to see babies through the walking stage. All we can do is keep working with him and watch his progress. The good news is that we have development on our side.  The only thing that annoys me is that our pediatrician didn't really mention anything (even though this was an issue since birth) until our 4 month appointment. I really wish we could have started on this therapy two months ago. Oh well, there isn't much we can do about it now so I shouldn't harp on that.  Anyhow, we will keep stretching the little man every day and I guess hope we don't stretch him to much that he starts to tip the other way! haha!

We asked if there was anything we could do about how he sleeps (since that is causing his flat head) and she said there wasn't much. Right now his head is flat on the lower left side (because he sleeps with his head leaning this way) and also the top right side (because of gravity).  We could try to lay him on his left side but he doesn't really stay so that doesn't really work.  Plus we don't want him to roll over on his stomach. We are just working on stretching that muscle out more so that his head rotates more to the right. I have already noticed that he will lay looking to the right for short periods of time so hopefully he will continue to do that.

Sandy works with him the entire time and he is seriously worn out afterwards. He took a long nap which was great so that I could get everything ready for the cookie exchange party that we were going later.  We go back in two weeks (since we are out of town next week) and we will revisit the helmet topic then. Hopefully we will make lots of progress and won't need a helmet!

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