Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Santa - take two!

We went to Neiman Marcus downtown to see Santa today and it was great! There was no line and the photographer was so great at getting the kiddos to smile!

Audrey was not a fan of santa and did not want anything to do with him. The photographer tried his best to get a pic with santa and it was really funny. He was super serious as he explained two tactics that they could use #1. "Back up and Sit" or #2. Sneak Attack which he would just refer to as "SA". We tried both with Audrey. The first one didn't work to well - Audrey was too smart for that. It basically was for Sarah to face Audrey away from Santa and back up until she was right there at Santa's lap - quickly drop her in his hands and take the pic. However, as soon as Sarah turned her around she knew something was up.  The second one worked well enough for them to get their Christmas pic. As soon as we decided we needed to move to plan #2, the photographer let santa know we were issuing a "SA". Santa then told Ethan and Lyla that he had to go feed his reindeer and he snuck out behind a curtain. With Santa away Audrey was willing to go near his chair. The kids all posed and then Santa snuck back in and stood behind all three kids and they didn't even notice!!! It was really funny and quite clever. Great teamwork between Santa and the photographer! This is definitely the place to go if your kiddo is scared of santa because they are willing to take extra time to help you get a good pic AND their santa is pretty great looking!

Neimans also has a super fun window display with a fun crawl through tunnels that take kids through the window displays (Kids have to be 4 years and 36 inches).  There are videos in there so that you can see your kids crawl through - it was closed when we got there (closes at 4pm) but it was really cool to just look at on the street! They even have some augmented reality stuff that the kids could play with from the street. So fun!!!

Neiman Marcus Holiday Window 2010

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