Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Ryan had a wonderful first Christmas! He woke up early at 6:45 because he was so excited...or more like he had a surprise in his pants! haha! After feeding him and pumping we all went to the living room and opened presents. Ryan laid down and played while we all opened gifts. He enjoyed all the bright wrapping paper that was being tossed around. He loves all of his new toys and has been playing with them all day long! Mommy got a baby food maker and I am so excited to make his baby food - hopefully starting next month!

Just waking up and hanging out with daddy - look who was watching me last night!

Bob jumped on my bouncer with me

Merry Christmas!

Playing on my mat

Uncle Steve got Kevin jean shorts as a joke

Opening all those presents wore me out!

Hanging out with Uncle Nick

Getting ready to eat Christmas dinner

Mommy and me!

Uncle Nick and daddy 

Papu and me

Look who jumped up and joined me!

Hanging out after our big dinner

Bath time! So fun!

Now I'm ready for bed!

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