Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dear Ryan (5 months)

I started this last week but just got around to finishing it - so here we go!

Dear little R-

This past month flew by! We have had so much fun dressing up in Christmas clothes each day this month - not sure what we will do once Christmas is over! You turned 5 months on Christmas Eve so I made you a special holiday colored 5 month label to wear for your pics.
 You are such a doll! Look at that precious smile! I could just eat you up! Over the past month you have become more alert and are napping less and less during the day. You LOVE to grab things with your little sweet hands and you bring everything right to that little mouth of yours. 

 We do lots and lots of tummy time because it's good for your neck. Here you are peeking over a pillow (which is also one of the stretches) and you have grabbed your five month label. 

You still love sucking on those precious little fingers.

Now you are trying to eat your label!

Your daily schedule has continues to change but I must admit that I am really loving our schedule now! You wake up between 7 or 8am and I feed you for about 45 minutes then we play on the ground while I pump.  We do tummy time and lots of stretches that we have learned from your therapist.  After about 30 minutes of playing you go into your bouncer and watch a Baby Einstein DVD. You have Baby Mozart and Baby Bethoven and you LOVE them both! After your little show you are tired and I help you fall asleep. You take a 30-45 min nap in your swing and are all smiles when you wake up. Once you are up it's time to eat again! Our mornings are pretty booked solid with this schedule so we really don't get out until after 11 or 12 most days. On the weekends we usually skip Baby Eintstein and go for a walk which you really love.

In the afternoons we usually run errands or go visit friends and by evening we are both pretty tired. When daddy comes home he loves to play with you. He also stretches you a lot - you seem more tolerant of him when he stretches you. Between the two of us you are getting lots and lots of stretching. Daddy still gives you your nightly bath and you still love it. He also gives you a little baby massage before you get your PJs on and then he reads you some books. You are really loving books more these days - you actually look at the pictures and smile! You now get your last bottle at 9:30 and are in bed at 10pm. We are so lucky that you fall asleep almost immediatly and sleep through the whole night! It's amazing!

You are talking a lot more these days - so much to say! You haven't mastered rolling over yet but we are working on it. You rolled over once in at the physical therapists office but mommy missed it --oopsies! I know you will do it again soon!

Thumbs up:
Baby Einstein
Bath time
Activity Play mat
Hands in your mouth
Light up toy from Target
Drum toy

Thumbs down:
Neck stretches (when mommy does them)
hmmm thats all I can think of for now.... You are a pretty GREAT baby!

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  1. he's adorable!!!!! I literally feel like mia was 5 mos old yesterday and now she's 22 mos. Enjoy it all because it truly does zip by.


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