Monday, March 8, 2010

Today I am thinking....

Well I was leaning towards a girl this week, but I took an old wives tale quiz and it says boy. Let me recap some of the questions.

1. I didn't experience morning sickness early in pregnancy - sign for a boy
2. Craving salty or sour foods - sign for a boy, I have always been a huge salty food lover and it really hasn't changed, so I am not sure if it counts as a sign or not
3. Craving protein - sign for a boy - whew - meat is one thing I totally don't crave. In fact I eat it just to be healthy, but probably could be fine without it.
4. Having headaches - sign for a boy - I have been having LOTS of headaches
5. Face breaks out more than usual - sign for girl, check one for the girl here!
6. Craving sweets - sign for girl - I don't know if I am craving sweets...but I never ate them before and have actually grown quite fond of them with my pregnancy.
7. Husband gaining weight - sign for a boy - pretty sure Kevin might still be losing weight...
8. Carrying high or low - can't really tell yet
9. Baby's heartbean above or below 140 beats per min? - well the first time I heard it it was above and the second time was below - so who knows!

So I am not really sure where this all nets out. According to the Chinese lunar calendar I am having a girl. Also, I noticed that I am having crazy baby hairs growing and I mentioned it to Alison this weekend and she said she had the same thing when she was preggo with her little girl Parker but not at all with Hunter. this a sign for a girl? Anyone else with a girl have it? We go to the doctor tomorrow and I will get the sealed envelope! So excited to find out on March 20th!

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  1. I think it is a girl! Why you ask? I really have no idea-just a feeling ;) Have fun tomorrow seeing your lil babe!!


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