Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm back!

Yikes! So it's been a while since I made an update. I will go ahead and blame work and my great computer fiasco of 2010 for that – hopefully it won’t happen again!! Anyhow, I am now 13 weeks and the word is OUT! Yay! It’s so fun to tell everyone because its soooo hard to keep it in! Plus I am actually already starting to get a little belly!! It's still very small but definitely just showed up over the weekend. So the latest and greatest on baby McDonough. Kevin and I went to the doctor on Tuesday morning for genetic screening. Like all appointments in the first trimester it was pretty nerve racking – I was so excited to go an be able to see the baby again, but then the other side of you worries that you might get bad news. This appointment was a little more nerve racking in the beginning because you see a genetic counselor before seeing the doctor. She walked us though what they would be looking for and what possible outcomes we could expect. The good news is that everything went perfect. We were able to see the baby’s heartbeat for the first time too! So fun! The little baby was moving around so much which is so weird since I can’t feel anything!! I have two pics from the ultrasound as well as links to the video of the appointment. They gave me a DVD which could not be uploaded to my computer (trust me I tried everything and even got our IT people involved) so I had to make a very bootleg copy by playing it on my TV at home and recording it. Enjoy!!

Link to Videos:
Part I
Part II

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