Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dr. Appointment

So today I had my first appointment in the Margot Perot offices, which are across the street from their other offices. The office is a lot less crazy than the other one which is guess is because they only have the pregnant women over here – the other one caters to all women who need to be seen. So now I feel like I am in a special club, and I like it. Haha. We didn’t have to wait long and we were basically in and out – which I guess is how the appointments are from here on out. Dr. Richards won’t be doing anymore sonograms – I have to go back to Dr. Rinehart for those at specific times. So now my regular appointments don’t seem like they are going to be all that exciting. Dr. Richards does want me to go see the cardiologist still – in my first trimester there was a two week period where I would get random sharp chest pains and had difficulty breathing (probably didn’t last for more than 5 minutes each time) but I haven’t had anything like that in weeks. Anyways, since I mentioned it to him at my last appointment he still wants me to go see a cardiologist that works with pregnant women just to be safe. So I guess I need to schedule another doctor appointment. Other than that things are perfect! Baby’s heartbeat is still strong and I have a lot more energy. My next appointment is March 9th – I am seeing Dr. Richards and Dr. Rinehart. We actually get to find out the sex of the baby – but don’t worry I am keeping it sealed until the reveal party on March 20th!!

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