Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Weekend FIVE 11.6

1. Red Ribbon Week at SJE
Red Ribbon week is an ideal was for people and communities to unite and take a visible stand against substance abuse. SJE's community showed their commitment to a drug-free lifestyle by participating in drug-free activities thought out the week. 
Monday: (Halloween) Say Boo to Drugs! Wear a Halloween or Fall-themed shirt
Tuesday: Sock it to Drugs! Wear crazy socks
Wednesday: Hair's to a Drug-free life! Crazy hair day!
Thursday: Put a cap on drugs! Wear your favorite hat!
Friday: Stonewall Stars are RED-y to be Drug-Free! Wear lots of red!

 Here is Ryan with his buddy Cooper. 
Ryan wanted to wear this Shamrock hat which he says "Is special to me because my Papu gave it to me". What a sweet boy :)

2. Houston
Since Kevin was taking the boys camping over the weekend Hayden and I decided to make a trip down to Houston! Of course one of our firsts stops was Lupe Tortillas!

We also rounded out the weekend with another trip :)

3. Hanging with the Aston's
Hayden and I had so much fun with the Aston's. On Friday afternoon we played in the new house and then we hit up their school carnival!

Hayden was a huge fan of Caroline's barbie's!

Caroline won a goldfish! yay! lol. 

Checking out the goldfish. It died about an hour later. 

4. Camping
The boys headed down to Purtis Creek for a little Friday night camping. 

Of course they started with some fishing...these kids LOVE fishing!

Apparently Grayson put himself to bed. He was tired and told Kevin he was ready...and then hoped in the tent and went to sleep. He takes his sleeping seriously. 

And some more fishing in the morning...I swear they did more but apparently this is all that was picture worthy. 

And this! Ryan's fish! Woot Woot!

Saturday  night they were back home.

This is the crew that they go camping with (invited by Uncle Michael). Such a sweet group of kids - obviously ours are the youngest but they are all so sweet to them!

5. Flying with this nugget
On Sunday we flew back to Dallas
Hayden was a little bit of a hot mess since we flew during her nap time, but a little chocolate chip muffin and a movie was all she needed to relax. 

She's not afraid to get comfy!

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