Friday, November 25, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!  

The day before Thanksgiving we headed over to Sarah's house to help with the flower arrangements. 

Aren't they beautiful? 

A little action shot...

As I was scrolling through instagram I saw that Society Bakery had these Turkey painting cookie sets, so I made a quick call to reserve the last two they had! I will have to remember for next year because the kids LOVED this!

Ryan was so sweet to share his with his sister. 

On Thanksgiving Day we woke up and  headed to the Turkey Trot with some friends! In the past we have run this event, but with three kids we decided a nice stroll was in order. Mimosas too! 

Hayden rode in the stroller and on daddy's shoulders. Grayson didn't budge from the stroller...and Ryan actually wanted to run the race. Next time time...

When we got home we were hungry for some turkey cinnamon rolls and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Gobble gobble!
We hung around the house and prepped for dinner at the Hales. 

Around 2pm we were all dressed up and ready to celebrate! So we packed up and walked drove over to the Hale's house. 

Watching the Cowboys...

I would like to say that she was so sweet with Tate but really she was just tolerant of him. 

Just hanging

We put the kids outside :)

After dinner...Hayden's face. I get this a lot. 

Another wonderful Turkey day in the books!

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