Saturday, June 4, 2016

Belize Family Trip - Our anniversary

Tuesday morning we woke up and hung out by the pool. 

This shallow deck in the pool was awesome for the kiddos. They loved sitting and playing with their toys right there...which allowed us to relax a little under the cabana. #champagneplease

We had lunch poolside then played a little more before the kids had rest time. 
Later that afternoon my dad and Kevin took the boys out on kayaks and Nick and Vanessa attempted paddle boarding. It was pretty windy!

When they got off of the kayaks we hung around the beach area...

Fresh coconut water

And since it was our 8 year anniversary my parents watched the kids so we could go out for dinner to celebrate! Earlier in the day we had planned to go to Victoria House for a romantic dinner on the pier but we didn't realize it would take 45 minutes in our golf cart to get we scrapped those plans at the last minute and just headed in to town to see what sounded good. 

We landed at Nook - which was quite the opposite of romantic. But it was fun - live music and on the beach. As far as the food goes, Kevin's meal was delicious and mine was just ok...but it's probably because I ordered a shrimp and pasta dish. The pasta was overcooked. Kevin got fresh fish with a chili lime butter sauce and it was AMAZING. We hung out and had a few drinks while trying to figure out a song to request...and then we saw Nick and Vanessa walk by, so they joined us for a bit.
Nook was closing down...I think it was 10pm? So we took off looking for a bar to get one more drink...

Palapa bar for one more drink

And we wrote on the bar #8yearsmcdonoughlove

And then we headed back home in our cart! Can't believe it's been eight years since we got married...and sixteen since we first met! Love this guy!

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