Monday, December 14, 2015

Captain Buddy Shenanigans

Dec 1: Captain Buddy's arrival

Dec 2: Spa Day

Later that day there was an altercation in the bathroom...and I found Buddy like this.
 Ryan confessed. 

So December 3rd Captain Buddy had to rest at the North Pole - his friends a note to remind them about not touching him. 

Dec 4: Camping
They loved the glowing candle!

Dec 5 : Playing music for Tips! 
After I read them the note Grayson ran up to Kevin and said "Daddy can you get one of those pennies from my ear so I can give it to Captain Buddy" ha!!!

Dec 6: Sugar High
I saw these at Target and couldn't resist. We watched Elf the night before so they thought this was awesome.  

Dec 8: Elf Rocket

Dec 9: Snow Angel

Dec 10: Growing Candy Canes

Dec 11: Painting Ornaments
Captain Buddy made ornaments for the kids to paint. They loved it!

Dec 12: Lazy Day
Just placed him in a stocking. Ryan asked where his note was so Kevin said....oh I read it earlier and accidentally threw it away. He made something up to tell him...and that satisfied Ryan. 

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