Sunday, July 19, 2015

Ryan's Birthday Experiment

We celebrated Ryan's 5th birthday with a Science party. 

I am working on 'scaling down' my parties so we only invited five year olds AND it was a "Drop Off" party (if your kid was comfortable).  Most of the parents thought I was crazy but it was actually kind of amazing. The kids were all so good...and since we had entertainment I really didn't have to do much. I wasn't running around like a crazy woman which was actually kinda nice! I totally recommended going this route. Anyhow, Ryan has been so excited about his party - counting down "sleeps" for cute! He loved helping make some decorations and some of the treats!

Cat from Everything Design created all of the printables - banners, labels, & cupcake toppers.  She also made his adorable invitations: 

Ryan helped with the Jello....he's a good stirrer

Our cake pops were also homemade. Ryan decorated them with those silver balls...and he also ate quite a few as well.   
And my first attempt at decorative sugar cookies. Well, let's just say I would never make it as a baker. A lot of things went wrong but, all in all...they were for five year olds and they could care less how professional they look. Also, it didn't bother me when only a couple bites were eaten and then they were tossed aside for the next treat. 

I love dressing the part so of course we found some "science" gear for the kiddos to dress up in. 

 Sweet little scientists!
Sweet Audrey with Hayden

Dr. Boom from Mad Science of Dallas came to our house to conduct some fun experiments for the kiddos.  There was fire, water, slime, candy and a hovercraft...pretty cool party if you ask any five year old. 

The kids were pretty excited about it cute!
Making red slime with Dr. Boom!

Hovercraft time!


Party boy G!
My sweet baby is turning FIVE! I still can't believe it!

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