Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September Wrap Up

Our September was filled with lots of family fun!
The boys love getting some Hayden time!

We celebrated Grayson's 2nd birthday

Hayden met Papu for the first time!

We celebrated Yiayia's birthday with cake!

And a yummy dinner at Nick and Sams

Played with our friends...and ate popsicles!

Got more snuggles in with baby sister!

Hayden and I had brunch with Katie, Liam and Nat

Fall soccer started and we had a game with actual some fall weather! Note that Grayson is out there with the team - he might think that he is actually on the team.

Kevin and I had out first 'night out'. Of course we brought Hayden...but she basically slept the entire time. We went to AT&T Stadium to see our Longhorns play UCLA...and I may or may not have added some drama to the evening...

I look so calm and relaxed here, right? Well, I wasn't...and it was because of my rings! As I was getting ready I decided to wear them. Clearly, I shouldn't have. As soon as I got them on (which I am still not entirely sure how I did that) I realized it was a huge mistake.  Kevin and I spent a good forty-five minutes attempting to remove them using different tactics we found online. He was determined...but they wouldn't budge. I was tempted to run to the fire station and have them cut them off but we didn't have enough time. I knew there would be medics at the game so I figured that if I really needed help I could get it there.

So yeah. That happened. Guess we are going to have to fix those...but not until I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight. So I have a little time to think about a new setting :)

Much happier!

Silly boys!

We headed to the Children's Garden with some friends...

Hayden was there too....
Sweet girl!

And more popsicles!

Fun September but we are ready for some fall weather!

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