Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Butterfly Guy

At Ryan's new preschool The Butterfly Guy did a presentation for them!

It must have been a pretty cool presentation because Ryan was pretty excited to tell me all about it. When I picked him up from school he started telling me about the butterfly guy. He said he saw a bunch of butterflies and caterpillars. (I am not sure how much of this is actually true...but I know there were at least some butterflies). Heck, he even mentioned the word cocoon. Ryan explained that the butterfly man caught the butterflies with his he told me this he pretended to have a net and he swooped up to catch some himself.  It was pretty darn cute and I was really happy that he was actually sharing some info with me! Everyday I ask him what he did and he usually responds with, "I just played with my friends". ha!

Anyways, since he was so taken with the butterfly guy I decided that I would go ahead and buy one of the live monarch chrysalis' that they were selling so that we could watch a butterfly emerge at home.
Here it is

Here it is today (10/20). As you can see it is already starting to turn black! You can actually see the butterfly inside of it which is pretty cool (you can't really tell in this picture). Anyhow, I am wondering when he will emerge...I am hoping we will actually be here to see it! 
Ryan loves his butterfly but he really wants a net. I am pretty sure he thinks it is his new pet that he will just chase around all day with a net. hmmmm.....

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