Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mr. Butterfly

Oh dear! We got a butterfly. Mr. butterly emerged and scared the heebeegeebeez outta me! Since it was sitting on our kitchen countertop I was actually standing right next to it when it happened. I heard a fluttering and was like, um what is that weird noise?!? Then I looked over and the darn thing was out! It was around 6:00pm (Monday) and we were about to sit down and eat dinner so I didn't say anything to Ryan. It says that it takes about 2 hours for the butterfly to start moving around so I figured we would wait until after his bath.
After bath time I let Ryan come downstairs and check out his butterfly. He named him Mr. Butterfly..."poopy and elmo" were his other suggestions. Yeah. Since it was suppose to get down to 45 degrees that night I decided we would just hang on until tomorrow morning...hoping he wouldn't fly off overnight.

He didn't. He was there in the morning and all day. Finally after naptime we had some downtime so we planned our release party. 

We set him on this flower and then met some friends at the park. 
As soon as we got back Ryan was so excited to go and see if Mr. Butterfly was still there. And he WAS! Oh he really thinks he is his pet. Sooooo....we played with him...and decided to keep him another night (since it was going to be cold again!). 

On Wednesday morning before school we brought Mr. Butterfly outside again and said goodbye .
Ryan was satisfied and when we got home from school he ran outside to check on him...and was actually ok that Mr. Butterfly was gone. 
Bye Bye Mr. Butterfly!

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