Monday, May 13, 2013

Sleeping and fighting the virus

We kept Grayson in a pack n' play in our room and Ryan was the wildcard. His crib had wheels so we wheeled him in Claire and Steven's room (they actually welcomed him - so sweet).  He did well until about 6am when he woke up screaming for "daddy". Kevin and I didn't hear him but my mom did so she ran and got him. She brought him in their bed and he slept in there! I couldn't believe it! He has never slept with ANYONE! You can't even get him to go to bed with someone else in a bed because he just giggles. Anyhow, he slept a big boy in a big bed. Practice for next week!!!
Just snoozin away...

Our littlest bug slept through the night but woke up with his fever again the next morning AND a horrible rash all over his back. I was slightly panicked about it but it went away after he hung outide in the cool air for a little bit - whew! He continued to fight his nasty virus and actually slept most of the day. We also learned that when he is sick he doesn't want anyone but mommy and daddy holding him. Poor little man did not feel good.

By the third day he seemed to have finally kicked the virus...and successfully passed it on to mommy and daddy. yay! Kevin and I ended up catching whatever Grayson must have had but luckily it didn't last long. The good news was that no one else caught it... at least while we were on vacation!

So the whole sleeping situation started out great but came to an abrupt stop about a couple days into our trip. Our little fantastic sleeper Ryan all of the sudden was waking up and screaming in the middle of the night....each night for a different family member and then waking up for good around 5:30AM!!! What? That's crazy! This is the kid that we have to wake up at 8am every morning - what on earth is going on? I guess we can attribute it to him being in a different place and the fact that it is light outside at 5:30 in the morning.  Grayson also felt the need to wake up at 5:30am. It so much easier to 'ignore' the boys at home when they are in a different room...but since they all had roommates they happily dictated when morning would start. Who said you get rest on vacation? Not with kids!

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  1. Traveling with kids definitely means earlier wake up time. Our girls shared a room so i was a light sleeper the whole trip. Cant wait to see your post about your trip


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