Monday, May 27, 2013

Last Day of MDO

This past Wednesday was Ryan's last day of Mother's Day Out.  I can't believe how much he has grown since August! The picture on the left is from his first day of school this year and the one on the right is from his last. He is getting so big!

We are ready for summer! Well, maybe not the heat...but maybe it won't be so bad this year? Ha...who am I kidding :)


  1. I cannot (for the life of me) figure out how you make those little collage things. I've tried PSE and also Lightroom and no luck :(

    1. So I use photoshop - I just search Pinterst for free storyboard templates. When I find one that I like it's basically a drag and drop type thing. You drop the picture in the box you want and then create a clipping mask and it pops in perfectly. Sorry, I am not good at explaining these you use clipping masks? Let me know and I can try and email you a tutorial!


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