Monday, May 20, 2013

8 months

Well this is late. again. things are pretty wild around here but I wanted to get this done before this tomorrow or who knows how long it would take me! This might be a little shorter than usual....

So since he is a crazy moving machine I couldn't really get a good pic against my background...

Woowee it's been a month!

You basically started moving around the day I finished up your 7 month post. It's not technically crawling, but it really doesn't matter but you are moving and that's what counts...for you at least! We call you our little inch's pretty adorable.

You kinda eat everything...within reason I suppose. Let's see, I nurse you when you wake and then we have breakfast about 30 minutes later. You take your morning nap around 9:30 and typically sleep about two hours. I nurse you when you wake up and then you have lunch around 12 with your bother. Around 2pm you are ready for another little nap - usually about an hour. In the afternoon we try and get out. Sometimes you will take a little catnap around 5ish which is awesome because then I can get dinner ready without holding you :) Anyhow, I nurse you one last time and then we eat dinner at 6:30. Then its bath, bottle and bedtime.

For breakfast you eat cheerios and some sort of baby food and you typically finish the entire pouch. hungry man.
Lunchtime you have been eating turkey & cheese. Really just whatever we have. Same thing goes for dinner. You have tried grilled cheese, pizza, hamburger, chicken....everything. The only thing that you have tried and don't really like is avocado. You make the funniest face..which makes me want to give it to you just so I can see it.

No doctor visit this month so no official sizes
9-12 month clothes
Still not bothering with any shoes
No new teeth but we can see about four of them on their way in...

What happened this month:
- First HAIRCUT!
- Family pictures with McDonoughs
- First airplane flight - trip to Houston with mommy


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