Sunday, February 24, 2013

Building Vandy - Floors

Last Saturday they started installing the wood floors! It's amazing how much flooring changes the house! They look awesome and they aren't even finished - they still have to hand-scrape and stain them. 

This is the view standing in the living room looking at the kitchen. It won't look this empty for much longer!

And in the kitchen looking at the living room. It took them about a week to get all the wood installed. 

Over the weekend they started installing all the tile/marble. Here is the boys bathroom with the Plaza Nova gray tile we selected. 

This is the guest bathroom with P'zass White Ritz tile. 

And the master bath with Fabrique Blanc Linen tile

They also started laying tile in our shower. This is Carrera Arabascato which looks incredibly close to regular Carrera marble. We are doing Carrera marble (from Italy) countertops but our builder suggested using the Arabascato marble for the shower area because it was significantly cheaper. We are talking $5 a sq ft vs $20 - so why not?? The major difference is that this is from China versus Italy. Depending on where they are on the rock there can be more of a brownish tint vs. all gray. You can kinda see a little brown in the shower pan above but overall it looks pretty darn close. It wasn't a huge deal to us to have all carrera marble so decided to save some $ and use this for the shower. 

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  1. All looks awesome. Mia was 5 mos old when we were doing all this building and designing too. Fun but grueling process


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