Thursday, July 8, 2010

35 weeks

A little over a month left! This is the first week where I am starting to feel a little uncomfortable. My belly is feeling big and I have noticed that my back is starting to hurt. The nausea is back but its really not that bad - it comes and goes. And of course - easy does it. I have noticed that I get exhausted very easily and nap time with Bob is my favorite time!

So I had a doctors appointment today and everything went well. As I have mentioned before the appointments are somewhat uneventful these days so there is nothing really to report.

Let's see, I did gain enough weight to have to move the the bar on the scale over a notch! In any other case that would probably be extremely depressing but I am a-ok with it for now. I have really been loving my ice cream and cookies and the nurse says that my weight gain has been text book go me and Ryan.  I only have a little longer to enjoy gaining weight...I know losing it won't be as much fun.

Anyhow,  Ryan is head down and Dr. Richards thinks that he will probably stay that way so thats good news. I asked about my due date and he said it won't change from August 15th - so thats what we are aiming for. He won't let me go past 42 weeks, but I really hope Ryan comes around 40! He said if I was extremely uncomfortable at 39/40 weeks then we could talk about inducing but that he would rather not since its my first pregnancy. I also really would like Ryan to come on his own, but then again I don't want to wait forever!

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