Wednesday, June 9, 2010

This old house

So Kevin and I finished up the walls in Ryan's room last night  -  yay! We were super excited to finally have it all done and it wasn't until we were putting up the chair railing that we realized how slanted Ryan's room is! The pic above is what you see when you walk into his room. His crib will eventually be up against that wall but as for now every time I walk into the room my eyes focus in on the uneven chair railing! You might not be able to tell, but since I know the room is slanted....thats all I see! The chair railing is the exact same height from the floor to where it is on the wall on each side of the closet, however because the house slants down the chair railing on the left side of the closet door is almost half an inch lower! You might think an easy fix would be to raise the chair railing half and inch - well we didn't put enough bead boarding on the wall for that so there would be a gap. We would have to redo the entire wall! We can look at lowering the other side - but that darn light switch is there. Then we would also have to lower the other wall that has been done for the last two weeks. There really isn't an easy fix so I HOPE I can get over it. I am thinking that once all the furniture is in my eyes will have so much more to focus on. Plus when little Ryan is here that uneven-ness will be small potatoes.

On another note here is the other wall - all four walls complete - check! Next task is to repaint the black dresser and night stand that you can see in these pics! We are painting them back to their original color - white!

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