Thursday, January 21, 2010

Turkey Troubles

I’m 11 weeks today! Hooray! And in other good news, I think my meat strike is over! On Monday night I had most of a hot dog (what a way to hop on the meat train) and on Wednesday I was ready to bring “the turkey sandwich” back into my repertoire. My two favorite sandwich places are Panera and Which Which. Since Which Which toasts theirs – they won.

I haven’t had a sandwich in almost two months so I was super excited when I felt like I could actually handle one. Things were going great – they had some of their corporate peeps in checking in on them so I knew everything was clean and fresh. I was so excited putting my little sandwich in to my purse and rushing back to the office – but my excitement didn’t last long. When I unwrapped my little hoagie I saw bright orange cheese! Ahh! They put the wrong cheese – they used American! They have seven different types of cheese and they accidently gave me the one I despise the most (although I am not sure I would have been much happier with cheese wiz). My little brown baggy clearly had a red “X” next to the provolone! Grr! The next (and more major) issue was the heating – by the time I got back to my office my poor little sandwich was cold! Now you might be thinking that’s because I went all the way back to my office to eat it – and to that I say this ain’t my first rodeo. I have done this journey many of times and it is always still steamy when I open it up back at my desk. It’s very important to eat it while it’s still hot because if not then your meat going from steamy and moist to dry and gross. And that’s what I had – so sad. So what’s a girl to do? Well I tell you what I did – I scrapped off the melted American cheese, removed the icky turkey and busted out my spray butter (let’s be honest I would have done the last step anyways) and created yet another vegetarian meal. Oh well maybe next time!


  1. love your blog! I am excited to see you in march for my shower and your sex shower! love ya mean it nutt butt lol

  2. Okay there are several problems with your latest entry, and of course I will point them out! First of all, really your first meat was a hot dog?!? Secondly, why do you work so much that you can't eat at which which and nip the cheese issue in the bud on spot! And thirdly and MOST important, you are 11 weeks pregnant! Enough with this working girl business! We are all really proud of the time you spent working but its time to put those days behind you and hang out with me and Caroline! I miss my BFF and your job really gets in the way of our friendship!


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