Wednesday, January 6, 2010

“I have been seeing your father”

What? So my original OB was Dr. Hampton Richards (son of Dr. James Richards). Kevin and I really liked him but when I got pregnant again and tried to make an appointment they told me he didn’t accept my insurance any longer. We were bummed but decided to go to his father. After a couple of visits to Dr. James Richards I ended up getting scheduled with Dr. Hampton again- yay! (The insurance thing was just a mix up.) The point - it’s not very often you are working with a father son duo- but it’s kind of a funny situation. Especially yesterday when I went to Dr. Hampton Richards and the following words came out of my mouth “I have been seeing your father”. It all just sounds a little crazy. I love them both but have made the switch back to Hampton since he was my original doctor and I was sad when I thought we couldn’t use him anymore.

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