Sunday, June 18, 2017

Claire's Baby Shower

The first weekend in June Hayden and I headed down to San Antonio to celebrate baby Cora!
We flew from Dallas to San Antonio Austin. (Apparently there was a plane stuck on the runway in San Antonio, so the airport was shutdown and we had to be rerouted.) Instead of waiting at the Austin airport, Rob offered to pick us up and drive to New Braunfels where my dad and brother picked us up! While all this was happening Claire and my mom ran out to buy Hayden and myself clothing to wear to the shower - since our luggage was still on the airplane! What a morning!

Claire and her twin sister, Audrey

Two Haydens :)
 Hayden (boy) thought Hayden (girl) was pretty cool because she carried Cars toys in her purse!

Love this sweet display of Claire's weekly baby bump pictures!

Claire & her mom and sisters!

Can't wait to meet baby Cora! 

On Sunday we headed out to Cordillera Ranch to see the lot where my parents future home will be built.  We ate lunch at the clubhouse and then headed over to the pool. Can't wait to spend time here soon!

Standing on the lot!

Claire & T

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  1. I still can't get over this great place I recently visited! This isn't only a good event space NYC. It is also one of the best around here. There isn't a listing of the unique offerings, although there should be! This place was magnificent!


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