Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Over the long weekend Kevin and I headed to Mexico with some friends for a nice little kid-free vacation. We had a 7:30am flight from DFW and arrived at the Excellence Hotel in Playa Mujeres by noon.
We upgraded to the Club level (mainly because our friends did and we didn't want to be left out). The benefits of the club level are the private check in and out, access to the club lounge, 8 exclusive club pools, and beach area with servers.  After our private check in - our room wasn't ready so we changed in the Botterman's room and headed to the beach!
I quickly applied sunscreen and then grabbed my glasses and started talking with Ali and Terra. They weren't listening to me .....
Apparently I lost a lense and they couldn't concentrate on what I was saying because I was talking to them like this. lol. Somehow I didn't realize - I remember thinking my contact must be wonky. lol.

Much better :)
I was introduced to the "Iceberg" right away - a beer-rita, but in a tall glass. It's delicious.  

Happy to be on vacation with this guy :)

We hung out on the beach for a while and then headed to the main pool for some music and more drinks. 

After our dip in the main pool we headed back to one of the Excellence club pools by the Bottermans room. 
We eventually headed back to our room to get ready. Our room was in building 9, which is a little further away from our friends the club lounge than we would have liked.  One could describe our room location as a "mullet". (That's right, a party in the front and business in the back.) Our porch opened up to one of the main pools/bars which was lively and entertaining and on the back side there was a private and very quiet excellence club pool. Not a bad location except that we weren't close to our friends. 
Once we got ready we met everyone back at the Excellence Club Lounge for one of Tico's amazing margaritas. Tico claims himself to be a tequila sommelier - pretty sure that doesn't technically exist but it should. He was awesome! The boys had a few tequila shots tastings themselves. 

On our first night we headed to the Hibachi Grill at Spice.  This was the only restaurant that you have to make reservations at - and only the Hibachi grill. 

It was really hot inside the little private room so we kept opening the door...and then I think they kept closing it because we may or may not have been loud. 

Goofing around.

The hotel entertainment on Saturday evening was a Madonna show - and it was quite the production! Lots of dancing, costumes and lip-singing. It was great!
The boys thought tequila shots were a good idea.  When in Mexico...

On Sunday we ate breakfast at the Lobster House, then headed to the beach.

Another fun day relaxing on the beach and playing in the pool! 

All dressed up and ready for dinner! 

Trying to take a selfie.  Wearing Flygirl Lipsense :)

After dinner there was a Magic Show and it was pretty great! I love magic! lol. 

On Monday morning our friends headed back to Dallas so we had the next day and a half by ourselves.  
There was a lot more reading and not so much of the drinking. It was the perfect finish to our vacation.

We ate lunch at The Grill
I had the grilled fish and it was excellent. Kevin's flank steak was also really tasty. 

Our table overlooked the pool area - lots of great people watching. 

After lunch we decided to go back to our room and lounge out by the pool. Pretty relaxing.

Although there are 11 different restaurants at the hotel we ended up at Spice again. But this time the regular menu and not hibachi. 
Afterwards there was a "White" Party. It was almost like crashing someones wedding reception- the resort goes all out! Lots of fun!
We had such a wonderful time in Playa Mujeres and would definitely recommend this hotel! The grounds are amazing and well kept, the staff is very attentive, the food and drinks are delicious and the entertainment is pretty great too! 

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