Saturday, January 7, 2017

Winter Break

Hello January!

Well, the little kids actually went back to school on Monday, January 2nd, but Ryan had the whole week off. Anyhow, that meant we had Tuesday and Thursday to do something fun with all three of them. 

Once again our January weather is a hot mess. One day it's 78 and then next it's 20. That's Texas for ya I suppose. Anyhow, I planned to take the kids to the zoo with our cousins and friends.  There was a cold front coming in that afternoon but apparently it showed up early! I was so darn cold!!!

Checking out those penguins!

When we left, I asked Hayden what her favorite animal she saw today was. She said it was the penguin - too bad she wouldn't sit still long enough for me to get a pic!

Playing on these elephant statues is always so much fun!

Feeding the giraffes! This is always Grayson's favorite thing - he LOVES the giraffes! Ryan also enjoyed it...Hayden on the other hand. Not a fan. 

Then we snuggled up for a ride on the monorail. 

Where is Grayson? Oh...he was "too tired" to get in the picture. Silly Grayson. 

Some of the kids (ahem, our cousins) got Dippin' Dots Ice cream. It was waaaaaay too cold for that so I promised the kids hot chocolate at home. Blake came over and enjoyed a cup with the kiddos!

Hot cocoa for the win!

Chilly afternoons spent playing in the game room....I was having a tea party with Hayden while the boys were playing with hotwheels and then Grayson decided that the tea party looked super fun. So he had one with his animals too. 

He was so excited! It was pretty cute.

And this crazy little girl...

She really throws her head back to get that last sip....

Since Ryan was still out of school Sheridan took him on a special date to Lego Land in Grapvine. The littles were a little jealous so I promised a surprise "date" for after school. We headed to TCBY....even thought it was freezing outside!!! They were pretty happy!
On another note, I was incredibly impressed with Hayden's utensil skills. I guess ice cream brings out the best.

She even shared her ice cream with Grayson. He finished his a lot faster than she did....

On Thursday it was cold so we headed to the Perot with friends!
We got there at 9:30 because I thought member hours started at 9am....apparently that is only on the Saturdays! Oops! After hanging by the front door for a good 10 minutes the security guard finally took pity on us and let us escape from the cold.

I have started to realize that our age spread is a little difficult at the moment. Ryan technically isn't allowed in the kids area of the Perot - it's five and under. A lot of places are like this which makes it difficult to take all three of them somewhere that they can enjoy. If we go somewhere more age appropriate for Ryan then Hayden can't really do anything. Vice versa. Ugh #firstworldproblems
Luckily no one said anything to him, we just had to keep reminding the big kids that they are the oldest ones and need to slow down and watch out for the little kids all around!

Hayden had a blast. She just goes from section to happy with her freedom. 

And on Friday it snowed!
I didn't expect it to actually stick - but it did! There wasn't a ton, but it was still fun to see. 

On Saturday I took Ryan to a birthday party that I may have enjoyed just as much as the kiddos! lol. They had Cathy's Critters there and it was so much fun to see all the adorable animals! There were also reptiles, which I am not a huge fan of, but the sweet other animals made up for that! lol. 
A baby Wallaby??? I cute!

A baby pig! He squealed so much it was so darn cute!

And this thing.
The birthday boy got to wear 'Frederick' as a belt - lucky kid! I mean, if that's your thing. #illpass

We also got to meet some tortoises, a hedgehog, chinchillas,  sugar gliders, a bearded dragon and more! It was so much fun and I totally want one of my kids to do this for their birthday! 

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